søndag, september 21, 2014

The Fools Walk 21. September 2014

The ignorant, the arrogant, the fools and the clowns walked the streets today. Protesting the very life they live, the life made possible by fossil fuel and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The science has long proven IPCC wrong, the data likewise, the honest scientists are leaving the bandwagon for the cold reality of a sceptic. No more grants, no more research, no more peer-reviewed papers to submit, no more money. The scam, the fraud, the swindle, the world wide swindle is on the brink of destroying us all in the name of saving a planet that doesn't need to be saved. The data shows there's no global warming caused by humans. You would think they would be happy, relieved ..? No, they attack you .. The age of reason has yet to shine the light on all, before all of science is completely corrupted.

My comments to the people communicating 
with me today during The Fools Walk!