fredag, april 11, 2014

Ignorant politicians.

Isn't it strange, our poiticians say global warming caused by humans (AGW) is the most important question of our time. No other thing is more important in our generation!?

And still, the same politicians doesn't care enough to spend the time getting their facts right. That is how important it is. And how can i say that? Simply because the evidence we now got suggest:
1. No human activity traces in the temperature at all!
2. No teperature rise in 18 years and 8 months despite an increase of CO2 of over 10%

But most importantly, if they really took a closer look at the whole question they clame to understand (they are going to make desitions that are huge and they will, and have, risen the taxes so of course they should  absolutely understand, right?), they would discover a huge fraud. And even our politicians wouldn't willingly take part in a huge - global fraud - or would they??