onsdag, april 09, 2014

Shame on you, bad, bad scientist!!

CO2 is what we burn when driving a car, right? It's in the oil and petrol, part of the petrol. How did it end up there, or in coal? Plants and animal are made out of carbon dioxide (CO2). We got enough coal for probably a 1000 years and oil for over 150 years and even more gas still. Do you agree that all this CO2 has to have gotten from somewhere in the past? If not, no plants or animals, and if there were no plants or animals in the past, there would be no oil, gas and coal today. Imagine how many hundreds of millions of years the life has been depended on CO2. Imagine how much Carbon Dioxide there must have been here from the beginning. Still life evolved, and all the time using Carbon Dioxide and taken it out of circulation, fallen to the ground when it died, buried and stored it in the sediments and turned in to coal, oil and gas over millions of years. Imagine the levels there must have been.. Now the small levels we got today are about to kill us all. You do not even have to be a scientist to understand that. It's a logical problem, a big logical problem! And if you call yourself a scientist - and you don't understand that simple fact of logic, ask yourself, what kind of a scientist are you really? Another thing, if the low level of CO2 we are talking about today are going to melt the planet away, how on earth could even the smallest animal or plant even get evolved in the first place when the levels were 1000 times higher, or more. Imagine how warm it must have been. Just not logic. Shame on you! You're not even close to be a scientist.
With that kind of logic you wouldn't even be a good politician.

(This is the answer i gave a "scientist" in a disgussion yesterday).